Industrial Property Office



Trademark is a designation capable of graphical representation consisting especially of words, letters, numbers, colours, drawings or product shapes or packages, which serve to distinguish goods or services on the market. The application for trademark registration can be filed by any individual or legal entity. The IPO CZ carries out a formal examination to find out whether the application has all necessary particulars stipulated by the law followed by a substantive examination to find out whether the designation applied for is qualified for registration, for instance if it is not identical to any already registered trademark or whether it is not a generic name or descriptive denomination, misleading or false indication and the like. The IPO CZ operates a fully automated system of trademark procedures and search system using random criteria (e.g. text wording of trademark, type of trademark, classification of figurative elements of trademark, trademark owner’s name or classes of goods and services). All records of trademarks registered through the national and international procedure are recorded in the system. By registering in the trademark register the owner acquires an exclusive right to use the trademark. The term of protection is ten years and can be repeatedly renewed for another ten years upon request of the trademark owner and payment of the renewal fee.

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