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Federated Patent Register (FePR). The Federated Register is a new section built into the European Patent Register that provides data on the legal status of an EP patent document in the national phase.

Federated Register Content page contains information on the content provided by the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic and other national patent offices currently integrated into the Federated Register.

National patent offices currently integrated into the Federated Register


CZ - Federated Petent Register Service

1. [CZ] Patent register
General information about the national patent register:

• Coverage: EP applications filed from January 1st 2002 designated to CZ
• Updating frequency: daily
Availability of file inspection:No
• URL to National patent register:
• Availability of Deep linking to National Patent register from FRS: Yes



  FRS data Data provided [CZ] - Contents
1 Status Yes

The following statuses are provided:


Request for EP validation pending: IPO CZ did not still received EP validation (EP translation into Czech language), thus, it has not been validated for CZ yet.

Patent not validated: This corresponds to IPO CZ legal status “EP null and void from the outset”. It means the validation process was negatively closed. The patent owner did not provide EP validation.

Request for EP validation received: The request is being processed and has not been affirmed yet.

Patent in force: Patent has been successfully validated and is in force for Czech territory.

Patent lapsed: This status avers two IPO CZ statuses:

  • Valid document/grace period   – is a state when the patent is lapsed, however during this period the patent proprietor can pay renewal fees and can renew the patent “at the last minute”.

  • Valid document/expired grace period  – is a state when the grace period (for accepting renewal fees) is expired, yet, due to procedural matters, the expiration has not still been registered/recorded.

Appeal filed: IPO CZ has received an appeal (to any decision IPO CZ took.

Nullity requested: IPO CZ has received a request for invalidating EP. The request has not been affirmed yet.

Patent limited: invention description and/or patent claims have been limited on patent owner’s request. The proceedings were conducted at EPO.

Patent maintained in amended form: invention description and/or patent claims have been limited on third party’s request. The proceedings were conducted at EPO.

Patent revoked: Already granted document that is annulled at request of third party, EPO or IPO CZ.

Patent lapsed: Expired document – renewal fees were not paid.

Patent expired: Expired document after 20 years of patent validity

Patent surrendered: Patent proprietor surrendered the rights to the document, i.e. patent is no longer valid.

Patent not in forceThere are two reasons: Invalid document or EP ineffective from the outset

  • Invalid document means that the document is not in force in CZ due to mistakes in proceedings (information about validity was wrong).
  • EP ineffective from the outset means that validation proceedings were not accomplished
SPC granted: expiry, effective SPC - Expired document with SPC period in force, i.e. de jure valid document 
2  Application No. Yes

IPO CZ displays its own application number format (based on the EP application number) with “CZ” in the front of it.

Czech application number format:


CZ: country code
YYYY: year of filing
123456: EP Application number - zeros at the left, if any, are ignored

Example: CZ2008-829729, CZ2009-77

3 Publication No. Yes

IPO CZ does not create its own subsequent national application or publication numbers to identify the EP rights at the national level. Therefore, IPO CZ provides ordinary EP publication numbers.

EP Publication number format: EP1234567

EP: notifies the user this is an ordinary EP publication number
1234567: publication number completed by zeros from the left.

Example: EP1581754, EP000005, EP1876420

4  Proprietor Yes All proprietors are listed. In a link leading to IPO CZ website about particular EP all transfers of rights are reflected.
5 Invalidation date Yes "Invalidation date" means the date of invalidation coming into force or the date of execution of the request. More info in search-page tooltips or Quick help page.

According to FePR Quick Help, "The invalidation date reflects the date when the decision on the invalidation was taken". Thus, this is the date when IPO CZ made a record of it in database. Since IPO CZ’s registers are updated daily, the invalidation date and the register-last-updated date correspond. The invalidation date can be recorded quite long time after the real (official) invalidation date. It is so because a proprietor can supply the translation of granted patent at most 6 months after the date of granting – according to Czech patent law (based on European Patent Convention, Article 65).

6 Not in force since Yes

Date is provided for following statuses:

Patent revoked: where the “Not in force since” date corresponds to the date of filing / priority date

Patent lapsed: where the “Not in force since” date corresponds to last validity date of EP

Patent expired: where the “Not in force since” date is the date of filing plus 20 years

Patent surrendered: where the “Not in force since” date is the date on which IPO CZ received request for withdrawal.

Patent not in force: where the “Not in force since” date corresponds to the date of filing/ priority date

Patent not validated: where the “Not in force since” date corresponds to the date of filing / priority day

 7 Renewal fees last paid Yes Renewal fees last paid: date of last payment.
Latest annual fee paid: number (in years) of annual fees already paid.

Why invalidation date often precedes Renewal-fees-last-paid date? It is a very common situation. EPO can also designate invalidation retrospectively and NPO might be informed about this event even a few months after the invalidation.

Note: All fees paid in favour of already invalidated patents will be returned by EPO.

E.g. Application number EP02021072, IPO CZ was informed about invalidation on December 25th 2011 (Register-last-updated column). However, invalidation was already performed on August 2nd 2011.

 8 Register last updated Yes This date corresponds to the last update of a particular record, i.e. this is the entry date of the last item in proceedings of the record in national patent register.
 9 SPC No For SPC, IPO CZ provides one legal status:

SPC in force: Patent itself already expired, however its SPC is in force


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